Sometimes you go on a date with someone. It’s not a 1, but it’s also not at 10. And you never see each other again. If the situation arises at a later date, should you give it another go? This week, Erika shares a crazy first — and second — date story, and then Erika and Chris talk about second chances, different personalities, and when it makes sense to try again or just call it off. 

One comment on “Should I Recycle My Date?

  1. Chris Buck May 17, 2020

    I had an interesting first date. I met someone on Ok Cupid, I went to her house and 5 minutes after I got there, there was a knock on the door…..It was the police. Unknown to me that before I got there her son and her had been fighting and he called 911 and hung up. So the police responded (bad timing for me). The police officer was giving ME the “what did you do” look. Well, they got it sorted out snd my date was SO embarrassed. We sat and talked for awhile. Nothing became of that woman.

    Background: I’m 62 and never had a girlfriend, never even kissed a woman outside my family. I’ve been looking for someone for 40 years. Never found “The One” I’ve about given up on dating.

    Like your Podcast, some day……Who knows.