The End of an Era

Over the past almost four years, Chris and Erika have shared their trials, tribulations, successes, heartaches, and plenty of advice. And can’t forget the laughs. They can’t thank you enough for being loyal listeners each…Read more

The Penultimate Episode: The Crazier, The Better

In this week's episode, which leaves one left to get to episode 100, Erika and Chris re-share what is quite possibly the most epic dating story ever -- the one that started this whole journey.…Read more

How Far to Go on a First Date

Holding hands, kissing, warm hugs, masked socially distant walks... in this day and age, it's almost impossible to know how far to go physically on a first date. This week, Erika and Chris re-share some…Read more

Dating Pet Peeves… Literally (A Pet’s Place in Dating)

From birds to dogs to the random chinchilla, when you date someone with a pet, you may also be inviting that critter into your life, whether you like it or not. This week, we re-share…Read more

Ghosting + Standing Someone Up = Bad News Bears

Ghosting, standing someone up, ignoring someone... all bad habits. This week, Erika and Chris discuss a few stories -- some new, some old -- and talk about not just ghosting but also how the person…Read more

Long-Distance Relationships: Can They Work?

If you're thinking about having a long-distance relationship, there are many factors that come into play, but the most important by far is each participant's willingness to try. In this week's episode, we re-share one of…Read more

Everything short of finding your partner is not a failure!

Oh, that pesky thing we call expectations. Many people go online to find "the one," or at least a long-term partner. That goal is fine, of course. But what's not fine is measuring "success" to…Read more

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