Dating has changed a lot, not just over the last few years, but over generations. Especially with the advent of dating apps and technology, dating almost seems like a whole different experience from what it used to be. This week, Erika interviews some special guests, and then she and Chris break down the differences of dating in previous years and the pros and cons as compared to today.

One comment on “Dating Then & Now: Who Had It Easier?

  1. Lisa Lovett Jan 7, 2020

    It depends on your age. Trust me. I have been single since my divorce in 2003. I haven’t had a date since 2009. I was in High School in the 1970s. Nobody dated. You either had a boyfriend or girlfriend or you hung out with friends. I had one boyfriend my senior year. He broke up with me after we graduated. Two years later, I met my now ex husband, who had gone to my High School, however I didn’t meet him until my second year of college. He followed me around for 4 months, even though I was not interested. As soon as I caved, he broke up with me. We got back together off and on for 4 1/2 years. Then his Mom threw him out and he landed on my doorstep. I told him he had 30 days to get his own place because we wanted different things, plus he didn’t love me. On day 30, he asked me to marry him, because he thought it would be easier than finding his own apartment and it would buy him another 5 years. We were married in 10 months. We stayed married for 20 1/2 years, but he threw his sons and me out 4 times and we filed for divorce 3 times. Three times was the charm. Within 2 seconds, he always moved in with somebody and I never had a date.