Dating can already be difficult to navigate, but what happens when you throw in an extra layer… dating a friend’s ex. Is it possible? Are there rules? This week, Erika shares a story from her life, and then Erika and Chris break down rules, best practices, and advice.

One comment on “Dating a Friend’s Ex

  1. Sandra Sep 22, 2019

    My so call best friend started dating my ex a few months after we broke up. It didn’t bother me as I was the one who gave him her number and told him she was asking about him. They ended up dating, getting married and having a few kids. They definitely didn’t have the best relationship either so was a little surprise he went through with the marriage. Any how. The part that did bother me and will never be ok with a friend dating an ex. She told everyone she stole him from me, that he was only using me to get close to her and that our whole relationship was a lie. Again she told everyone we were best friends. We were friends and not one of my top 5. It got to the point that I couldn’t go places that people from our old school was attending. I got tired of the first thing being said to me was aren’t you the girl who got their boyfriend stolen by (name of so call best friend)? It wasn’t a conversation I wanted any part of and no matter what I said I looked like an idiot. I think out of respect for your friend you shouldn’t date their ex and you shouldn’t tell people lies about how it went about.