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Episode 26: How far should things go?

When you’re dating someone new, it’s hard to know how fast (or slow) things should move… sexually. One person might have one idea, and the other may have the opposite idea. Or, maybe one person... Read More
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Episode 24: Dating After Divorce

Getting back out there after a divorce? Have anxiety and fears about it? This week, Erika and Chris discuss what it’s like when someone starts dating again after having been married. And our guest, Tony,... Read More
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Episode 23: How’s Your Dating App-titude?

Tinder got you down? Not getting responses from your Bumble matches? Sick of all of the matches on Hinge who just write “hey there” to you? On this week’s episode, Erika and Chris do a... Read More
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Episode 22: Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

Cheating. It’s never pleasant. There’s always more to the story. On today’s episode, Erika talks to Natalie about her experience, and then Erika and Chris discuss their takes on the nuances of cheating and relationships. Read More

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